PC-620C: 802.11b/g  WLAN mPCI card

The PC-620C Smart Wireless-G miniPCI Module installs in most built-in system and lets you put your computer almost anywhere in the building, without the cost and hassle of running network cables. Now you don't have to drill holes in your walls and climb through the attic or cellar to get connected to the network. Once you're connected, you can keep in touch with your e-mail, access the Internet, use instant messaging to chat with friends, and share files and other resources such as printers and network storage with other computers on the network. The PC-620C smart Wireless-G miniPCI module connects you with Wireless-G networks at an incredible 54Mbps! And for added versatility, PC-620C is also capable of inter-operating with all the Wireless-B products found in homes, businesses, and public wireless hotspots around the country. PC-620C also provides a family of wired and wireless LAN products that deliver the same level of security, scalability, and manageability for WLANs that customers have come to expect in their wired LAN, including routers, switches and hubs, Broadband modems, and network adapters.


Ø       Investment Protection: 5 times faster and interoperate with existing Wireless-B equipment seamlessly

Ø       Wireless Security: up to 128-bit WEP and 256-bit WPA

Ø       Maximum Operation Range: Up to 350 meters


Product Name

Wireless-G MiniPCI Module


802.11g, 802.11b


1-11 (U.S.) 1-13 (Elsewhere Worldwide)

1-13,14 (Japan)


802.11b: CCK, DQPSK, DBPSK

802.11 g: OFDM

Network Protocol


Software Support

Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows 98SE


Mini PCI


External Antenna with diversity support

Transmit Power

IEEE 802.11b: 17dBm +/- 2dBm                                      IEEE 802.11g: 14dBm +/- 2dBm

WEP/WPA Key Bits

64-Bit and 128-Bit for WEP, 256 Bit for WPA

Form Factor

Type III B



Operating Temp.

32ºF to 150ºF (0ºC to 65ºC)

Storage Temp.

-40ºF to 185ºF (-40ºC to 85ºC)

Operating Humidity

0% to 95%, Non-Condensing

Storage Humidity

0% to 95%, Non-Condensing