AP-422/425: Intel IXP425 WLAN AP/Router Board

To meet the growing demand from homes and businesses for high-performance wireless and broadband access services, Tonze develop the Intel IXP425 network processors to meet the needs of last-mile applications. These network processors deliver wire-speed performance and sufficient "processor headroom" for manufacturers to add a variety of rich software services to support their networking applications. These are highly integrated network processors that support multiple WAN and LAN technologies giving customers a common architecture for multiple applications.
With their Development Platform, a choice of operating systems, and a broad range of development tools, the Intel IXP425 network processors provide a complete development environment for faster time-to-market.

Intel® IXP422/425 network processor is a highly integrated, versatile single-chip processor that can be used in a variety of products that need network connectivity and high performance to run their unique software applications. The Intel IXP425 network processor combines integration with support for multiple WAN and LAN technologies in a common architecture designed to meet requirements for high-end gateways, Voice over IP (VoIP) applications, wireless access points, SME routers, switches, security devices, Mini-DSLAMs (Digital Subscriber line Access Multiplexers), xDSL line cards, industrial control and networked imaging applications.

Product Highlights

  • Intel 533MHz IXP425 Network Processor
  • 8- 16MByte Flash Memory
  • 32- 64MByte SDRAM Memory
  • two 10/100M Ethernet interfaces with passive Power Over Ethernet
  • Two Mini PCI Slots provide 3.3V/3A (shared) DC Output Power
  • 1 JTAG Debug Interface
  • 1 RS-232 Console Port
  • 5 LED Lights; 1 PWR, 2 mini PCIs and 2 LANs
  • 1 Reset bottom,
  • 1 DC Jack (2.1*5.5*9.5mm)
  • Available Firmware : DD-WRT for both 2/16, 2/32 and 4/32MB
  • available mPCI Card: Atheros 2413/2414 and 5413/5414 with special frequency
  • 802.11a: 23dbm 5.100GHz ~ 5.300GHz and 2.7-2.9Ghz
  • 802.11b/g: 27dbm 2.427GHz ~ 2.442GHz (CH4 ~ CH7) and 907 ~ 922MHz
  • 802.11b/g : 28dbm 2.427GHz ~ 2.442GHz (CH4 ~ CH7) and 763 ~ 778MHz or 703 ~ 718MHz





Intel IXP425533MHz XScale Core                                      Intel IXP422, 266Mhz XScale Core


8 -16Mbytes Flash Memory

32- 64Mbytes SDRAM Memory


One or Two 10/100M Ethernet interfaces with passive Power Over Ethernet, from 12 – 48V DC Iutput

mini PCI

2 mini PCI Slots, Fitting all sorts of mini PCI Cards, such as WLAN 802.11a/b/g Cards


One Console Serial Port


One JTAG Debug interface


Operation Temperature 0 – 50 degree C


0 – 85 % non condensation

DC Power

12V to 48V DC Input


125mm×155 mmx18mm


AP-425 Supports All Network and Communication Applications:
Embedded network Video server machine development platform; embedded network and communication development platform; embedded communication computer development platform; 802.11a/b/g application development platform; SOHO router; internet gateway; WLAN AP; network fireproof wall development platform; VoIP; and all communication control board and industry control development platform, and etc.